Return and Cancellations

Return and Cancellations

Yellowkarat offers “no questions asked” 7 (seven) days return policy to every customer for product sold through the platform. Return policy not applicable on coins, bars & stones.

For all returns made by any customer within such 7 (seven) days, Yellowkarat will directly refund to the customer, his/her entire money so paid for the product.

For returning the product customer have to inform Yellowkarat within 7 days from delivery and the Yellowkarat will arrange the pick up or customer may deliver it to Yellowkarat.

If tampered or found used then return policy will not be applicable.

The seller must confirm the receipt of product to process refund to the customer. The refund will be processed within 3 working days.

5% will be charged by Yellowkarat as processing charges.

Once the return goods are received by the Yellowkarat and confirmed that it’s not tampered or used, after that amount will be refunded to the customer.

The vendor partner shall be entitled to offer, on an indiscriminate basis, additional days than 7 (seven) days as stipulated by Yellowkarat, to customers to return the products for any reason whatsoever. In the event the vendor partner offers any such additional days, the vendor partner shall inform Yellowkarat about the same in writing before it offers any such additional period. Yellowkarat reserves the right to impose or initiate strict action, legal or otherwise, if the vendor partner does not abide to its own such extended return policy beyond 7 (seven) days. In such an event, the customer will be entitled to get his/her money so paid for the product refunded in entirety directly from the vendor partner and Yellowkarat will not assume or take any risk, liability or responsibility of any sort whatsoever.

Return policies shall be applicable only for customers who make an online purchase for the product through the platform.

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